Posted by: Captain Easychord | May 23, 2010

Free Music Sunday: LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls

The hidden downside to releasing a classic album is that the followup has an extremely high standard to live up to.  Now it may be too early to declare LCD Soundsystem‘s [m] [w] 2007 album, “Sound of Silver” a “classic,” but given the extremely high accolades the album earned, it’s not farfetched to suggest that it may be revered for years to come.

In any case, LCD Soundsystem – a musical project led by James Murphy – took its shot at being a musical Johnny Vander Meer his past week with the release of “This Is Happening”, the followup album to “Sound of Silver.”  Early reviews are about everything you could hope for:  a good, strong album… that can’t quite match its predecessor.

But that’s fine, really.  Just like the first two albums, “This Is Happening” features some fun and occasionally introspective electro-dance music that you’ll assuredly hear at several parties this summer.  One of those party tracks is likely to be the first single released from the album, the radio-friendly “Drunk Girls.”  Unfortunately, this also may be the swan song for LCD Soundsystem, as Murphy has declared that it will likely be the band’s last album.

LCD Soundsystem will be hitting the road to tour in support of the album, but who knows what comes after that.  So don’t waste any time, go check out “Drunk Girls” over at Pampelmoose. Then, go get “This Is Happening” (and “Sound of Silver”, for that matter) so you can totally rock out when you go to see them when they come to town… you are going to see LCD Soundsystem’s show, right? After all, you may not get another chance. Enjoy!

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