Posted by: Captain Easychord | May 9, 2010

Free Music Sunday: The New Pornographers – Crash Years

Some weeks, the featured song here on Free Music Sunday has a way of picking itself.  Maybe I’ve been listening to something often and just want to share that or perhaps there’s great new album out that I want to highlight.  Occasionally, I’ll have a theme for a month and sometimes there’s a song that’s just appropriate (or inappropriate) in light of personal or world events.  In several of these cases, it’s easy to foresee what the landscape might be weeks or months in advance and I can plan my publishing schedule.  In fact, I could have told you what I was publishing almost every week through mid-March a few months in advance.

You see what I did there?  That’s one of the things that kinda makes the February disappearance of Free Music Sunday all the more baffling… the whole month was planned out in December!  With the Olympics taking place up in Vancouver, February was to be Canada month, where I featured four bands from the Great White North.  Instead, that never happened and maybe it would be odd for me to do that now.

But while an entire month of Canada references might seem out of place, the Vancouver-based New Pornographers [m] [w] are timely as anything, thanks to the new album that they released this past Tuesday.  The original schedule had The New Pornographers scheduled to be one of the featured artists during the Olympic fortnight, thanks not only to their hometown, but also because they’re one of Canada’s most prominent indie rock acts.  The band’s first four albums all received widespread critical acclaim, despite topping out at #34 on the US charts with their fourth album, “Challengers.”

Although the early returns from critics on the new album, “Together” has been positive, it also seems to be a bit below the high standard that the group has set for itself.  Nevertheless, the album features guest performances from members of Okkervil River, St. Vincent, Beirut and the Dap-Kings.  It also features some catchy power pop songs like “Crash Years.”  Not a whole lot more to say here… they’re Canadian, new album, catchy tune.  Sometimes it’s just that simple ’round here.

Go check out “Crash Years” courtesy of I Hope Your Ears Bleed and enjoy!



  1. Love this band name.

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