Posted by: Captain Easychord | March 2, 2010

So… Who Killed the *Video* Star?

For 10 or 15 years, music videos were arguably the dominant force in the music industry.  From Michael Jackson’s pioneering work in “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” up through sometime around when Blind Melon introduced us to the Bee Girl in the “No Rain”, videos did a lot to drive recognition and recollection of the songs that they accompanied.

As MTV weaned itself off of actual music videos, the impression that they have made has plummeted.  Other than the Internet, I’m not sure where they might be showcased anymore… does MTV have its own version of The Ocho?  Even the Internet usually requires some conscious effort from a would-be viewer… and if you don’t know that there’s a smooth new video out, how will you discover it?  Nevertheless, bands are still out there making videos anyway.

OK Go is one of those bands.  They solved the problem of discovery by making a video so spectacularly awesome that it can’t help but get a bunch of buzz from all quarters of the Internet.  Their video for the title track from their most recent album, “This Too Shall Pass”, was filmed in a single shot and features a massive Rube Goldberg machine that simply has to be seen.  No really… head over to Youtube and bear witness.  It’s incredible.

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