Posted by: Captain Easychord | January 31, 2010

Free Music Sunday: Bill Callahan – Too Many Birds

Bill Callahan [m] [w] is perhaps more widely known as Smog, the stage name that he used for a good 15 years or so.  However, Callahan’s two most recent releases, including 2009’s Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle have been under his own name.  Callahan’s most recent effort was quite good and will probably prompt another look at the Smog catalog for folks like me who are new to his work.

“Too Many Birds” is a track that I’ve been really enjoying as of late.  Maybe it’s because the themes of being displaced and having nowhere to go resonate with my recent bout with unemployment.  Maybe it’s the quiet instrumentation and the staid, disconnected lyrical delivery that seems to perfectly match the melancholy mid-winter weather we’ve seen here in DC.  Maybe it’s just because it’s a fabulous tune.

But don’t worry, while “Too Many Birds” is an excellent mood piece, it isn’t going to bring you down too far.  No really… go head on over to Heavy Soil, check out “Too Many Birds”, and see for yourself.  Enjoy!


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