Posted by: Captain Easychord | January 24, 2010

Free Music Sunday: Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait

Free Music Sunday isn’t intended to be survey of hot-off-the-press new music.  More often than not, tracks that I post will have been out for at least a few months, if not a few years.  But the new year has kicked off with a bunch of noteworthy releases that have caught my attention.

This week,  Charlotte Gainsbourg [m] [w] is in the spotlight as her album IRM is released in the US on Tuesday.  While she may be more well-known thanks to her acting career or her famous parents, Ms. Gainsbourg’s music career is starting to stand on its own as a noteworthy endeavor.  IRM was largely inspired by events surrounding a cerebral hemorrhage and subsequent treatment that Charlotte endured, including time spent in an MRI machine (hence the album’s title, which is how the French refer to the device).

The themes of life and death that run through the album are explicitly clear on the first single, “Heaven Can Wait.”  This delightful little track also features a guest performance from Beck, who also wrote and produced the album.   Anyway, go check out “Heaven Can Wait” over at IndyMusic and enjoy!


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