Posted by: Captain Easychord | January 17, 2010

Free Music Sunday: Spoon – Written In Reverse

Fresh off winning the decade of the aughts – at least according to Josh and MetacriticSpoon [m] [w] is gets a quick start on its title defense on Tuesday, releasing Transference, the band’s seventh full-length album.  Spoon is one of those bands that you’ve probably heard before, even if you don’t recognize them by name.  The band has placed songs in a litany of movies, video games and a substantial list of television shows that includes How I Met Your Mother, Veronica Mars, The Simpsons, Bones, Numb3rs, and Chuck.

Although I’m not quite as high on Spoon as to name them band of the decade, they’ve certainly put out some good, fine,  straight-up rock and roll music.  One catchy little track that’s been out for awhile from the new album is “Written In Reverse.”  Given Spoon’s history, it may be a track you’ll want to get familiar with so that when it pops up in your favorite show one day, you’ll be all like… “Whoa!  it’s Spoon!  It’s that song I heard about on Corsairs’ Affairs! Awesome!”  Seriously.  It’ll be just like that.  Go check out “Written In Reverse” from Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good and enjoy!



  1. I’m finding “Who Makes Your Money” very addictive.

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