Posted by: Captain Easychord | January 3, 2010

Free Music Sunday: Music Go Music – I Walk Alone

You can’t describe Music Go Music [m] [w] without referencing ABBA.  You just can’t.  Stereogum only took four words to get to the comparison, Pitchfork waited until the second sentence… The Guardian proclaimed the band, “sounds more like ABBA than ABBA.”  Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of the Swedish quartet, you’ll want to give Music Go Music a try.

Aside from sounding like ABBA (and ELO, usually the secondary comparison), Music Go Music is also notable because its three members all go by aliases.  Gala Bell, Kamer Maza and TORG’s real identities is at least in theory a secret, although it has been reported that the members of Music Go Music are also the trio that makes up Bodies of Water, a fellow LA-based band also signed to the Secretly Canadian record label.

Whoever they are and whatever they may sound like, the early results are great.  “I Walk Alone” is the lead track on their 2009 debut album, Excursions.  Like the rest of their first album, “I Walk Alone” succeeds in creating a danceable, grandiose, over-the-top sound that feels familiar the first time you hear it.  … especially if you’re a big fan of bands like… well, you know…

Go get “I Walk Alone” from Test Pilots and see if you can resist the ABBA-styled beats.  (hint:  you can’t!)  Enjoy!


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