Posted by: Captain Easychord | December 27, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Phoenix – 1901

One last Sunday for 2009 means one last yearly retrospective look at the music of the year.  This week, for the song of the year, we turn our gaze to Phoenix [m] [w] and their big hit single, “1901.”  Even if “1901” wasn’t the best song of the year, it’s certainly in the discussion.  Rolling Stone (#5), Pitchfork (#3) and Spin (#2) all ranked it among the year’s top five and the critical reception elsewhere was similarly overwhelmingly positive.

What’s more, “1901” was everywhere in 2009, making appearances in Cadillac commercials, television shows (Gossip Girl, Melrose Place) and in the trailer to the film New York, I Love You.  With the song’s ubiquity came the omnipresence of Phoenix on late night talk shows.  In 2009, the band played Conan, Letterman, Fallon, Kimmel, Colin Ferguson and Saturday Night Live.  Along the way, they found enough crossover success to earn their first Grammy nomination (for best alternative album).

All in all, it was a big year for Phoenix and “1901” was a big part of the reason why.  Did you miss it?  Well the year’s not over yet!  Go get “1901” from Pringlewood and see why it’s the pick for song of the year.  Enjoy!


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