Posted by: Captain Easychord | December 6, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Polly Scattergood – Please Don’t Touch (Golden Filter Remix)

It’s December and the “2009 in review” season is in full swing.  I’m going to spend most of the month doing a bit of that here at Free Music Sunday, starting with a favorite music moment of the year.

It was late July and I was heading down to the family vacation on the Outer Banks.  The drive from DC was going well, save for the violent thunderstorms that snarled traffic and made me pull over for an hour or so in the Hampton Roads area.  By the time I was heading down Route 158 through northeastern North Carolina, the skies had cleared and I had the windows down, some good tunes on the stereo and plenty of open road ahead.

As I pulled into Grandy, NC, it was time to make a pit stop, so I turned off the road and pulled into a Food Lion store.  As I drove past, there were some Currituck County police outside the store who appeared to be arresting some folks they had pulled over.  The real surprise, however, was waiting for me inside the store.  At first, it sounded vaguely familiar but just a little off… then it hit me.  Here at a chain grocery store in rural northeastern North Carolina, the music being played on the in-store PA system was Polly Scattergood [m] [w]?!?!?  Why yes, it was… British indie-pop has made its way to Grandy… who knew?!?

At first, I didn’t recognize “Please Don’t Touch” simply because it was The Golden Filter [m] [w] remix that I had been listening to for a few months.  The Golden Filter have had quite a year for themselves as well, remixing everything out there up to and including your answering machine message.  But the job they did on “Please Don’t Touch” is particularly good, adding a haunting, ethereal quality to the original mix.

Go get “Please Don’t Touch” from Stereogum.  Pretend you’re buying some groceries while you listen for full effect… and enjoy!

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