Posted by: Captain Easychord | November 15, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Boards of Canada – Aquarius

I try to pay attention to the music world, and for the most part, I’m at least somewhat aware of what’s going on out there.  Sure, sometimes I’ll hear about a band but not bother to actually listen to ’em for a few years.  It’s significantly less often that a successful act flies completely under the radar.

So when I started seeing a bunch of references to Boards of Canada [m] [w]  a few months ago, I figured that they were some buzzworthy new act.  Then I took a closer look and found that they’ve been putting out music for over a decade.  Oops.  (To further the disorientation, they’re not Canadian either… they’re Scottish)

Getting past the whens and the wheres, I found that Boards of Canada was a nifty little electronic act that fits in nicely with my collection.  “Aquarius” is a favorite track from those I’ve heard so far.  It’s not what you might consider a “conventional” track in terms of the vocals, which will either convince you that the song is an ad for a telecom company or make you thirsty for some juice, but it has a great beat, some of the electronic bleeps and bloops that I love so much and the funkiest 30 count you’ll ever hear. Yeah, that’s right!

It may not quite be your cup of tea, but it’s a groove that’s worth trying out, especially if you’re just looking to wind down and relax a bit.  Go get “Aquarius” from Salad Days Music and see what we’ve all been missing.  Enjoy!


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