Posted by: Captain Easychord | September 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Updates

Just wanted to post a few updates on items I had previously mentioned…

  • After surviving another bout with forms, I served my jury duty last week.  As instructed, I showed up at the courthouse at 10:30 AM and found the line to sign in… a line that was at least 75 people long when I arrived.  In fact, there were probably over 100 people ahead of me in the check-in line, but I could only see 75 from where I was standing (and yes, I did count them all).  After I signed in, I sat around for a few hours before having my name called to be a potential juror.  Only thing was that they called my name as the courthouse broke for lunch at 1 PM.  When I returned from lunch at the appointed time (2:10), myself and the other potential jurors were met with… nothing… for another half hour or so.  When the court personnel finally called for us, we were told… that we weren’t needed and we could go home.  So basically, I went to the court, did a bureaucratic shuffle, waited around a bunch, then went home.  And now, I’m done with jury duty for two years.
  • A couple weeks ago, I also mentioned the upcoming Monopoly City Streets game.  Since then, the game launched to a mess of technical difficulties and incompetent administration.  From day one, it was clear that the Hasbro people weren’t prepared to launch and that the game was basically in pre-beta form.  Since then, the hardware has been upgraded to handle the traffic, the rules of how to play the game have been fleshed out a bit and the game has been reset.  Unfortunately, Hasbro still seems to have no idea what they’re doing.  Gameplay updates have made the game pretty much entirely unappealing and – last I checked – there was still no real mechanism for preventing multi abuse.  Simply put, I can’t recommend Monopoly City Streets anymore… it looks more like a waste of time than anything.
  • Finally, I haven’t given any updates on the filming of The Real World lately.  Mostly, that’s because there’s nothing really to update.  They’re still in the house across the street, but whatever drama may or may not be going on hasn’t spilled out into the streets… at least not that I’ve seen.  I still see people walking by and pointing out the house now and then, but there aren’t substantial gawkers, stalkers or groupies around.  Pretty mundane stuff, really.

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