Posted by: Captain Easychord | September 13, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Stereolab – Captain Easychord

Stereolab at the 9:30 Club

Stereolab at the 9:30 Club

If you’re looking for some interesting ambient bleeps, bloops and random-noise bursts (and even if you aren’t, really), then you’re looking for Stereolab [w].  To be a little more eloquent, Stereolab’s music trends toward rich and complex sonic melodies with decidedly retro elements, reflecting influences of 60’s pop, 70’s krautrock and lounge music.  Vintage electronic keyboards contribute to the authenticity of the sound and are a hallmark of the band, but the septet’s essential synergistic guitar, bass, drum and other contributions allow its keyboards to play with some fun musical ideas.  The garbled and often somewhat unintelligible vocals in French and/or English are typically de-emphasized and serve primarily to contribute a vocal element to the melifluous instrumentation.

“Captain Easychord” isn’t necessarily the most representative song in Stereolab’s catalog, but it is a catchy tune that is probably more accessible to an uninitiated listener than something that features a heavier dose of the ambient bleeps, bloops and random-noise bursts.  Of course, it’s also the inspiration for my nom de plume, so that simplified the otherwise difficult choice of which one track to feature.

Sadly, back in April, the band announced on its website that it is going on hiatus and that there are no plans to record any new material.  Lucky for you, Stereolab has left behind an excellent 19 year career of music for you to explore.  Start now by downloading Captain Easychord.  Enjoy!


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