Posted by: Captain Easychord | September 8, 2009

Worldwide Monopoly

Although I’ve always been a gaming enthusiast, I’ve never been a big fan of Monopoly.  The game takes an awful long time and there’s just too much chance involved.  However, I did sit up and take notice when I heard about Monopoly City Streets, a live worldwide game of Monopoly City that allows players all over the world to buy, develop and sell real world streets.  The game, a collaboration between Hasbro and Google Maps, launches tomorrow and is slated to run for four months.

Early reviews of the game from Wired and The Guardian have been lukewarm at best, but both agree with the sentiment that it’s kind of cool to own a chunk of your neighborhood.  And who knows?  Perhaps with a larger playerbase, the game becomes more interesting?

I’m going to sign up as soon as streets become available to purchase.  My only question now is where to start?  After all, I’ve had plenty of my own neighborhoods.  Do I pick up a high-profile street like DC’s Connecticut Avenue or San Francisco’s Haight and Ashbury?  Do I go for a locally prominent street like Pittsburgh’s Fifth or Forbes Avenues?  Or do I just try and buy up an entire small town, like Syracuse?  It appears that each street can only have one owner worldwide, so that first pick is going to be a big investment!

What street would you want to own?  If you sign up, lemme know in the comments!

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