Posted by: Captain Easychord | September 6, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Belle And Sebastian – Judy And The Dream Of Horses

The end of the summer has always been disappointing to me.  Carefree summer days and nights come to an end as the world gets back to business.  Earlier sunsets become all the more noticeable and the weather gets chillier as we fall back toward the dead of winter.  Ugh.  The consolation to all this is that we get to have September.

September is great because it gives us a chance to say goodbye to a summer that passes entirely too fast.  The weather usually stays pleasantly warm and makes for excellent frisbee-playing weather.  While September generally marks the end of the baseball season, it’s also usually a particularly good bit (okay, not for the Pirates, but they don’t have good bits).  Oh, and toward the middle of the month, it also means a new trip around the sun for yours truly.

It’s because of that last bit that September is a time of year when I particularly like to enjoy some of my favorite things.  As this is the case, I’m going to turn the spotlight on four of my very favorite bands this month on Free Music Sunday.

First up is Belle and Sebastian [w].  If I had to recommend one band to a generic person, knowing nothing of their tastes, this is who I would choose.  While the Scottish septet put out its first album back in 1996, it wasn’t until a decade later that they caught my attention with their brand of chamber-baroque-jangle-twee-indie pop.  Wait… what kind of pop?  (oooh… the unstated commentary on silly music classifications, especially at the obscure subgenre level!)

Whatever kind of pop it is, it works.  The more I would listen to Belle and Sebastian’s classic album, If You’re Feeling Sinister, the more they would grow on me.  Frankly, I wasn’t entirely sure why… the songs were delicate little numbers about relationships and growing up and… well… stuff to which I don’t necessarily relate.  Nevertheless, before I knew it, I was making multiple disc Belle and Sebastian compilations to keep in my car for road trips and whatnot.

“Judy And The Dream Of Horses” is one of those tracks from If You’re Feeling Sinister that really got me hooked.  Mirroring my interest in the band, it starts of with just a guy and a guitar.  By the end, there’s a lot more going on.  Go get Judy And The Dream Of Horses from Pop Tarts Suck Toasted and see for yourself.  Enjoy!


  1. I haven’t explored their catalog all that deeply, but I did really like their most recent album, “The Life Pursuit.” “Another Sunny Day” was my favorite.

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