Posted by: Captain Easychord | August 30, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream

A year ago today, Empire Of The Sun digitally released the title track from their first album, “Walking On A Dream.”  Since then, the synth-heavy 80’s retro track has garnered accolades worldwide, including reaching the top 40 in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Malta.  The BBC even chimed in, naming Empire Of The Sun the #4 band to watch in 2009.

I’m not sure if they’ve lived up to those lofty expectations, but it’s not hard to see where the praise comes from.  “Walking On A Dream” really sounds like an echo of 1985.  You think that you’ve maybe heard it before… it somehow sounds so familiar… like maybe it was in a montage scene from one of John Hughes’ coming-of-age classics?  But no, it’s new stuff!

So get ready for an 80’s flashback of your own, go get Walking On A Dream from Stereogum and enjoy!

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