Posted by: Captain Easychord | August 25, 2009

One Angry Man

courtesy XKCD

thanks, XKCD!

I have an unusual hatred for (and difficulty with) the practice of filling out forms.  Seriously, I’ll dwell on the one or two bits of almost any form that could be interpreted in an ambiguous manner for an inordinate amount of time.  When I’m done, I usually half-expect to be yelled at or misinterpreted for screwing it all up.  Whether it’s a rental application form, a DMV form, or a form at my doctor’s office, I’ll always find something that doesn’t quite seem to work right.

On an unrelated note, I also have no desire to serve on a jury.  For the four-plus years that I’ve lived in DC, I’ve been fortunate to only be summoned for service on a grand jury in Federal court.  In those two cases, I was able to successfully (and legitimately) petition the court for a waiver of service.  DC Superior Court, however, does not allow you to avoid service.  Consequently, in late September, I have to show up for jury duty.

In order to be fully registered, however, guess what I have to do?  That’s right!  I have to fill out a form!  Now typically, my problems with forms are somewhat esoteric…  maybe a field doesn’t apply to me, maybe I have more answers than a form has space… whatever.  But in DC’s case, the questionable part of the form is right there on its face: it asks for my email address… twice.  Twice, DC?  Really?  I mean, I looked over the form… the fields for entering your email address show up in two different places… maybe one is somebody else’s email address?  Doesn’t seem that way.

But who would be so silly… who would lack the proofreading skill… who would be so gratuitously wasteful as to ask for the same information twice?  Ah, that’s right… that’s DC!  I don’t know what the city is up to here, but I’m entering my email address twice… just in case.


  1. […] surviving another bout with forms, I served my jury duty last week.  As instructed, I showed up at the courthouse at 10:30 AM and […]

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