Posted by: Captain Easychord | August 16, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Peter, Bjorn and John – Living Thing

Earlier this summer, it seemed as if every time a friend of mine and I talked about some up-and-coming indie rock act, the band would inevitably hail from Sweden.  Peter, Bjorn and John is one of those Swedish bands that has edged into the conversation recently, having released the highly anticipated album Living Thing earlier this year.  While Living Thing was one of the first albums to arrive in my big CD purchasing binge this summer, I’ve found it to be a little bit disappointing and it fell out of my regular rotation pretty quickly.

That said, the album does have a few bright spots, not the least of which is its title track.  “Living Thing” (the song) is a catchy pop song with a hook made for radio.  Listen to it twice and you’ll know all the words (ok, ok… they’re not that complicated).  With each subsequent listen, you’ll be tapping your toes and singing along.   What are you waiting for?  Go get Living Thing from Città del Capo Radio and enjoy!


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