Posted by: Captain Easychord | July 26, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Mocean Worker – Son Of Sanford

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up Josh Appreciation Month than by featuring Mocean Worker, an artist of whom Josh made me a fan a few years before a series of connections would lead the three of us (myself, Josh and MoWo!) to share membership in a fantasy baseball league.

After starting out with a pair of drum ‘n’ bass-type albums, Mocean Worker (aka:   Adam Dorn) has moved in a direction toward a jazz/funk kind of sound.  Ultimately, nobody knows quite how to pigeonhole him into one genre or another.  When I got his third album at the fantastic Amoeba Music, I searched the sections for techno and electronic music and rock and drum ‘n’ bass… only to find that they were keeping his album in the “jungle” section… whatever that is!

One factor that has maintained a constant over all of his albums, however, is a great ambient sound that can accompany almost any mood from a hip and swanky cocktail party to driving a dark and foggy mountain road.  It’s like the little black dress of the music world… it can go anywhere and do anything… even providing a great backdrop for something as mundane as document review!

MoWo’s last album, “Cinco de MoWo!” got a bunch of well deserved critical acclaim… I mean, just check out the reviews over at Amazon!  Then go get Son of Sanford from KEXP and see how effortlessly it fits into your day.


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