Posted by: Captain Easychord | July 12, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Crooked Fingers – Sleep All Summer

Since we lived across the hall from one another at Syracuse 14 years ago, nobody has influenced my music collection more than my buddy Josh.  Whether I’ve heard something catchy at his place or he’s given an excellent album recommendation or gotten one of his celebrated mixes, it seems like he’s always had something new and interesting to offer. In light of the contributions he has made to my listening habits, I’m making July “Josh Appreciation Month” here on Free Music Sunday.  Starting last week, each track posted comes from a band that Josh suggested to me.

Now it should be said that while Josh has set me up with lots of great tunes, I think we have reasonably different tastes.  Where I might prefer some weird ambient electro-crap, Josh might be more likely to go for a sad guy with a guitar.  But these interests aren’t mutually exclusive, and there’s been plenty of times where I kinda dig a recommendation that might fall outside my “normal” parameters.

Crooked Fingers is just that kind of band and Sleep All Summer is just that kind of track.  Sure, it’s a sad guy with a guitar singing about his woebegone relationship, but I dig Eric Bachmann’s distinctive voice and the dual vocal leads are pretty nifty.  But don’t settle for my lame critical analysis… go download Sleep All Summer from Hypeful and listen for yourself!


  1. The guitar was sad, not the player!

    P.S. Thanks for all the Warren Zevon tunes.

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