Posted by: Captain Easychord | July 11, 2009

Real World Update

It’s been a little over a week now since the cast of The Real World moved in across the street from me.  Already, there’s been a fair amount of drama:

  • Cameramen shoving pedestrians on the sidewalk and standing in front of local news cameras on the scene to cover the arrival.
  • House security has harassed pedestrians and falsely claimed to be with the Park Police.
  • The last two nights, there have been fistfights in the street.  Thursday night, I witnessed the end of a confrontation between three people who told police that they were there checking out the RW house when some guy came up to them and started throwing punches.  Police were called to the scene and one of the gawkers was treated by an ambulance.  Friday night’s event was much larger, with 20-30 people gathered on the corner trading trash talk and a few punches.  For a second night in a row, police were called to the scene.
Police responding to fight outside The Real World house

Police and ambulance responding to Thursday's fight outside The Real World house

Only a little over four months of this to go… hopefully things calm down a bit in the coming weeks… I’m not holding my breath.

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