Posted by: Captain Easychord | July 5, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Man Man – Top Drawer

233 years ago yesterday, Philadelphia gave us the Declaration of Independence.  At first, some people weren’t entirely happy with this (I’m looking at you, England!), but eventually they came around to see that this USA thing was kinda cool…

Somewhat more recently, Philadelphia gave us Man Man, a band whose style Wikipedia describes as “Viking-vaudeville, manic Gypsy jazz.”  Now I know that some people think I just like to listen to weird shit that doesn’t fit to traditional conventions, but when my buddy Josh introduced me to these guys, I thought that they sounded like they belonged in a carnival, for better or (mostly) for worse.  I just didn’t like what I heard that much.

Nevertheless, as I got past first impressions (and, perhaps, as I moved along to their third album), I found that I liked more and more of what I heard from these guys.  Much like the original haters on US independence came to appreciate the USA, I’ve come around to enjoy some of Man Man’s work.  Now, you can too.  Go download Top Drawer from betterPropaganda.


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