Posted by: Captain Easychord | June 28, 2009

Free Music Sunday: Shugo Tokumaru – Green Rain

I didn’t make a list of 2008’s best songs, but if I did, this weeks’ track would have assuredly been in one of the first two or three spots.  Shugo Tokumaru‘s “Green Rain” is like a refreshing trip to a fascinating new world full of  surprises and unconsidered possibilities.   The journey starts from the opening accordion riff and picks up steam as the guitar, triangle, steel drums and piano kick in.  (what… you thought “surprises and unconsidered possibilities” was literary flair?)

Oh, and did I mention that the lyrics are sung entirely in Japanese?  For all I know, Tokumaru could be reading his grocery list or the fine print from his telephone contract.  However, the lyrical content is fairly irrelevant to me because his singsong voice perfectly matches the instrumentation… it just sounds right.  For my money, that’s the quintessential hallmark of a great song.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it, go download “Green Rain” from Stereogum and find out how fantastic this track is for yourself.

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