Posted by: Captain Easychord | June 19, 2009

Filming, filming everywhere

The cameras are on my neighborhood this weekend as several projects are shooting in this area.  Across the street, filming of The Real World DC kicks off this weekend.  I’m verrrry skeptical that this will go well, but the folks at the Anti-Real World DC might be even more hostile to the show than I am… and that’s saying something!  Nevertheless, it’s certainly a site I’ll be watching for the next several months.

James L. Brooks has also been shooting a not-yet-titled film in the District lately, and today they were shooting a block down the street.  I managed to get a few pictures of Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd filming a scene.

Finally, I went to move my car the other day only to find myself blocked in by folks shooting a webisode of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden.  I had never heard of the show before and I still haven’t gotten around to checking it out, but they were nice enough and they fit the filming theme, so I’ll give ’em a plug…

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