Posted by: Captain Easychord | June 16, 2009


If yesterday’s observation that my increased hours at work made the timing of my return to blogging ironic, then that goes double for the timing of a “quick hits” post penned the prior weekend to salvage the free time afforded during a 60 hour work week. You see, the ironic part about posting the quick hits yesterday was that the post was already unnecessary because only hours prior to the post going up, I was fired.

Getting cut from a project is certainly a hazard of being a contract attorney and it can happen for any number of reasons. Occasionally, people will ask me how long a project will last. The short answer is always, “I don’t know…” Sometimes, projects last longer than expected (“3 to 4 months” turning into “over a year”) and sometimes they end very suddenly and surprisingly. That’s just the way it is.

Even though it never feels good to be fired* or rejected – see the reaction of Penguins fans to Marian Hossa’s departure – sometimes, it really is for the best. With Hossa, the Penguins may not have been in position win the Stanley Cup… and without the job I just lost, I won’t be chained to document review for 60 hours a week for the remainder of the summer… the fit just wasn’t quite right for me. so that certainly tempers whatever disappointment I may have had quite a bit…

* I guess… I’d never actually been fired before…


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