Posted by: Captain Easychord | November 18, 2008

Pirates Ahoy!

At one point in time,  I had the notion to make this a topical blog focused on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  My thought was that having a particular subject would give me regular grist for the mill, and what better than the Pirates?  After all, I’ve been a relatively manic fan since my first game back on July 4, 1983.

As it turns out, the ensuing years haven’t been kind to Pirates fans.  Throughout the 25 years that I’ve been a fan, the club has amassed a grand total of three winning seasons, one .500 mark and a whopping TWENTY ONE losing seasons.  Even one of those winning years was defined by one of the most unfortunate losses in postseason history.  Suffice to say, being a Pirates fan is not for the faint of heart.

This is also exactly why I don’t think I could fathom maintaining a Pirates blog.  It’s just too depressing.  Even though I follow the team pretty closely, I just don’t want to chronicle all of the Andy Barketts, Tony McKnights and Angelo Encarnacions.  Might as well have the captain inventory the Titanic’s deck chairs.  So I tip my cap to Charlie at Bucs Dugout, Pat at Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke and all the others with the fortitude to keep an eye on one of sports’ most miserable franchises day after day.

Corsairs’ Affairs was named with the idea that I’d be writing about the Bucs (a “corsair” essentially being a pirate).  I certainly plan to weigh in on the team now and again, but I encourage folks to go elsewhere for more regular coverage.  For instance, go check out Where’s Van Slyke and revel in the road to 17, a rundown of each of the past 16 losing seasons.  Today’s feature is the 1997 team, one of my favorite squads of all time in any sport.


  1. I’ve pretty much adopted a “wake me when things get interesting” approach. It doesn’t take much monitoring to know that the Pirates have almost no chance of finishing better in ’08 than they did in ’07. But once they’ve got a couple more Pedro Alvarezes in the fold, it could become worth following them closely again.

  2. Um. ’09 and ’08. See, the years just fly by when you’re having fun.

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