Posted by: Captain Easychord | November 14, 2008

That’s no moon

This is phenomenal. You’re looking at the first visible light picture of an extrasolar planet that has been taken by mankind. Fomalhaut b – presumed to be similar in size and mass to Jupiter – orbits its parent star 25 light years away from Earth. This photograph taken by the Hubble telescope was released yesterday, along with the first direct (near-infrared) image showing a planetary system circling a different star, taken by the Gemini North telescope. I’m always amazed by the somewhat incomprehensible speeds, temperatures, sizes and distances involved in astronomy, so to be able to get a snapshot of a planet over 762 trillion miles away… well, that’s hella impressive.

That said, who’s got The Ring? This system looks pissed and it’s probably sending some badass interstellar ringwraiths for us as we speak. Somebody had best get their ass down to Fomalhaut and toss in the ring ASAP. Thanks!

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