Posted by: Captain Easychord | October 11, 2008

The Beautiful Growing Moments

It was a little over a year ago when one day I realized I was doing everything wrong. OK… that may be a bit of an exaggeration. In fact, there were actually a great many things that I was doing right. On an individual basis, I made plenty of sensible choices on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis… but stepping back to see the forest for the trees, I didn’t like the way the big picture looked. I looked around and saw friends and acquaintances getting married, having kids, buying houses, pursuing careers… generally speaking, having a life… changing… growing up…

In the meantime, I was basically doing the same things and having the same expectations as I had been for the last several years. My situation was essentially unchanging and it kinda felt like life was starting to pass me by while I just kinda stood there watching. I was missing those beautiful growing moments that transform you over the course of your life…

This situation was exacerbated (or perhaps more accurately, created) by a bad hip… I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that it was very bad hip… it was quite painful and interfered with basic stuff you might take for granted like walking and talking… ouch! In large part, it was this bad hip that kept me from going out, doing things and… well… having a life…

Nowadays, the hip is better… not great, not where I want it to be… but good enough that it’s high time for me to get off my ass and start… having a life… To be clear, this isn’t to suggest that I feel like I need to get married, have kids or whatever… Anyone who knows me certainly is aware that I’m rarely one to do things because other people are doing them. But it seems like high time to do something more than sitting around and waiting for the right moment to do… whatever I want to do… (to some extent, procrastination is as significant a bugaboo for me as the hip problems)…

Anyway, I’ve had occasional bouts with blogging in the past. Ideally, it’s something that I’d like to do somewhat regularly. Practically speaking, however, I write very slowly (and poorly, IMO). What’s more, I haven’t often had subject material to write about. But now in the interest of personal progress, I’m re-evaluating everything… And In light of that, I’m giving this one more try.

Effective immediately, Corsairs’ Affairs is back in business… Stay tuned for updates on me getting a life, occasional rants about pet peeves, a few recommendations to enrich your life (because I care about my audience!). the occasional bits of wisdom handed down from my lil’ soapbox and an assortment of questions for the gallery. Your feedback and comments are always appreciated… Enjoy!


  1. Perhaps part of your trouble has been creating expectations that are unreasonable. I think blogging would be very tough if I tried to produce a “column” each time I wrote. That takes time indeed.

    Back when I blogged to a significant degree about politics, it was too difficult. I’d make mistakes, couldn’t research thoroughly, etc., lacked the time or desire to adequately respond to attacks, etc. Not to mention, I deemed it (with the exception of highly exciting periods like this one) generally pointless to read or generate partisan political fodder with any regularity.

    So usually my blog posts take very little time to create, and I don’t often stress about “What to write about.” Stuff usually just happens at pretty regular intervals, save for some dull periods. I think of something on the way to work. I am near a computer 8 hours a day and can post at work, which is a bonus some people may not have. I actually hardly ever blog from home. I don’t know that I would blog if I had to dip into my personal time. And I type very fast, which doesn’t hurt.

  2. sadly, it’s not just the full-on column-style posts that have traditionally taken too long for me to write… it’s the short and quick ones too… I agonize for half an hour just sending the most basic email correspondence or writing something in a greeting card… it’s kinda silly, really… but you might be right about my high expectations… I just want everything I write to be mellifluously worded, easily understood, crisp, concise and fresh… unfortunately, they’re not all going to be that way and sometimes I’ve just gotta spit something out… and that kind of imperfection is something I’ve gotta deal with… how lamentable…

    anyway, I don’t really intend to write about policy or politics very often… maybe a few posts over the next month or so, but then a sharp drop off…
    instead, when I find something interesting online (politics, policy or anything else I might be reading), I’ll just tag the post to show up in my shared items in the sidebar RSS feed… saves me the writing time and lets me include content from better writers… that’s a win!

  3. I’d say the best thing you can expect out of blogging regularly is that it keeps your writing sharp and your mind sharp. Having come from a school that made writing skills its number one priority, I may be a bit biased but nonetheless it has been my experience that that if you can sit down and write almost anything, you’ll be better in it in the long run.

    Now, to address your opening statement. The worst thing anyone can do is compare themselves to anyone else. It’s a sure recipe for disappointment. It’s harder to identify who you are and what you really want but it’s a healthier way of living. Everyone around you that is getting married, buying a home and advancing their career is living the most typical life- the one that is floated to us as common and acceptable. Are you common? No, you are Captain Easychord!

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