Posted by: Captain Easychord | October 10, 2008

A New Hope

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away, I once posted my thoughts on a semi-regular basis until one day for a variety of reasons… well… I just stopped… No goodbye message, no “hey, I might not post anything for a bit”… just nothing more…

Now that wasn’t the plan… I didn’t wake up one morning and say, “harrumpf! that’s it! I’m done with blogging!” I just didn’t have anything to say for a bit… or probably more accurately, I didn’t want to take the time to say whatever it was I had to say… and the whole blog-posting just fell out of my routine and became one of the things I don’t do anymore…

Actually, that’s happened twice now. But yet here I am, giving it another go… third time’s the charm, right? Maybe… For awhile, I kinda felt like blogging had become passe and even cliche… I mean, forget having time to post new material… I don’t really even have time to READ all the blogs I’d like to… news-type blogs, sports blogs, friends’ blogs… information overload! And then I discovered the joy of RSS

RSS allows content to be syndicated such that it can be picked up by an aggregator, which will pull in all of the posts from blogs you want to read, effectively allowing you do all of your blog reading by visiting one simple website… Furthermore, as a Google Reader user, I can tag posts to be shared, instantly creating a pseudo-blog with a few clicks of the mouse…

… and all of this brought me around to the idea of blogging once again. Now I don’t need to write something a few times a week to keep people coming back… I can tag a few interesting posts in the reader and have ’em pop up in the embedded RSS feed on my site (on the sidebar) instead… I’ve also become something of an amateur photographer in the last year or so… my flickr site has its own RSS feed… and then maybe sometimes I’ll get some time and inspiration, and I’ll sit down and write something myself…

Fundamentally, the new Corsairs’ Affairs is three blogs in one: my own words posted here, the thoughts and ideas of others from my shared posts page, and the pictures that I take… on any given day, there may be nothing in any one of these three, but I think that there will be something new in at least one fairly often… and with RSS feeds from the two external sites in the sidebar here, you have access to the complete Corsairs’ Affairs experience all right here…

… or you could go ahead and add all three feeds to your very own RSS reader… that way, you don’t have to keep coming back to see if I’ve done anything new… and for a flaky-ass blogger like myself, that can only be a good thing, no?



  1. […] of this is to apologize for going AWOL or not posting. I warned you that it might happen and I suggested following CA using your news reader of choice so that you wouldn’t be missing […]

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